Bauer WT Systems GmbH
Sales and Marketing
Dr. Schätzel-Straße 30
91315 Höchstadt a. d. Aisch / Germany

Director Sales and Marketing
Mr. Stachowski Alexander
tel: +49 (0) 9193 508 98 53
mobile +49 (0) 160 510 30 01

Because water is our highest asset - we take responsibility!

• Complementary water treatment plants for complicated industrial processes
• Reliable water-, heating- and air conditioning-systems in all buildings around the world
• Reliable water supply in a single-family house

Bauer WT Systems GmbH - your expert for water treatment for more than 25 years. As a family business values such as reliability and partnership are particularly important to us. Our customers are at the heart of our activities and benefit from our experience. Our aim is to advance physical water treatment with new products and technologies, to integrate them into practical solutions and thus to create a great technical, technological and financial added value for our customers.

Our company follows the maximum performance and quality requirements. This also applies to our highly trained employees, who ensure the best quality of engineering, production, and service with their know-how. Our products are developed, certified, and manufactured at our production site in Forchheim Germany and offered with our partners at home and abroad. Because the proximity to our customers is important to us, you can contact our sales partner in Finland directly at the following address.